This project, 'Folklore', started in my first year at university but I continued  to develop it in my own time to create a more polished outcome.  For this project I was exploring the folklore of aboriginal Australia, looking at Dreamtime stories such as The Rainbow Serpent and How the Birds got Their Colours. I started my process by creating many patterns inspired by aboriginal paintings and kazoos which I then used as collage materials. I handcut hundreds of scales to make up a rainbow serpent and feathers to make birds with. With these painstakingly created elements I went on to design a stationery set. Letter writing has long been a passion of mine so I knew what I wanted out of such a product. I wanted two different but complimentary letter writing papers with a colourful envelope to match, as well as a set of sealing stickers for that finishing touch. I made the letter writing set with a paper to envelope ratio of 2:1 so that the letters could be long. I think this was the first project where I fully explored my personal style direction.