The Rosehips

This project was sparked by a brief called 'Three' and I decided to interpret that theme to design and illustrate 3 album covers for a trio girl punk band called 'The Rosehips'. I came up with that band name because rosehips are a pretty but thorny fruit which I thought could be  good metaphor for the Riot Grrrl movement that I wanted to explore. I listened to lots of music to inspire this work as well as reading up on the manifestos and key figures of the movement. With these three album cover designs I aimed to take stereotypically feminine notions such as: hosting tea parties, playing with dolls and collecting fine china, and turn them on their head in a rebellious manner. For example the far left design is a perfectly retro teaparty that has been infested by bugs! The middle design is a doll's house, but not as you know it, it is a punk band's shared party house. The far right design is a decorative plate but the imagery is unladylike indeed with a growling tiger on it (also a nod to the name Riot Grrrl). I really enjoyed getting stuck into a more independent project as it gave me a chance to explore my passion for music and take my time creating highly detailed pieces, whether they are handpainted and handcut collages or highly realistic tonal pencil drawings.